Ever wonder what happened to that movie that was announced but never came out? Saw a great animated film but learned it completely bombed in the box office but you thought it had promise? While those movies probably won't ever be given a second chance, they each can have their own spotlight here. DRAWING FOR NOTHING is a free ebook compiling the artwork of the world's canceled and troubled animated films. Animation reels have been scrubbed, portfolios scraped, books scanned, interviews conducted and resumes analyzed to present this. Some movies within this book you'll know pretty well, but there will always be at least one you've never heard of. The purpose of this book is to not only properly appreciate the work put into things that never got the chance to be appreciated, but to give artists another source of inspiration. Yeah, there's a ton of things to be inspired by now, but what about the stuff that never made it? The stuff that was deemed too risky or not good enough?

This book will never be finished, chapters are added periodically whenever they're done. There is no schedule for future updates, they'll just happen when they happen. If you have a Twitter account, announcements will be made at this account.

A list of films planned to be given their own chapters (or mentioned briefly within an "honorable mentions" chapter) has been written and is consistently updated. If you're curious what might be next, that's all of it!

It is encouraged to download the book to view on your own, this book was made for the intention to be copied and spread around. Print it out and bind it together with string! Put it on your Kindle Fire and fall asleep on the plane! Do whatever you want with it, just don't say you made it.

Legal Disclaimer

Pursuant to Section 107 of the United States Copyright Act, what is determined as fair use is judged upon a thorough assessment of its facets in relation to the copyrighted material in use. It must be emphasized that the book "Drawing For Nothing" operates on a non-profit basis, devoid of any financial gain derived from the utilization of copyrighted material. Any financial contributions made to the author serve the purpose of supporting broader artistic and historical projects and are not to be construed as a transaction for the content used specifically within this item.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the majority of works featured in this digital book are not presently available in any form that is endorsed by the property owners and do not pose a threat to potential profits for the copyright holders. The primary intention behind "Drawing For Nothing" is the education of fellow artists regarding studio-made productions that have remained inaccessible to the public. Notably, past publications covering a fraction of the productions documented in this work are currently out of print and lack a substantial amount of information and artwork featured herein, some officially endorsed documentation has since been proved inaccurate. Much of the information provided within this book is exclusive and has been provided to the author or their team member(s) by studio employees and has not been accessible in any form to the public before this point. With this in mind, "Drawing For Nothing" can be considered a journalistic work to a certain extent.

It is crucial to reiterate that "Drawing For Nothing" is not intended to generate profits, does not encroach upon potential profits by copyright holders, and is conceived with the explicit intention of educational dissemination and preservation. This project is the creative endeavor of a college student driven by a profound passion for animated works, particularly those that are less commonly discussed or documented. It is created and presented with the upmost respect in mind for the artists and their work contained herein.